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From the moment children are born, they embark on a life-long path of learning.  Research has shown us that the first few years of education are the most crucial in your child’s life.  These early experiences set the foundation for how children perceive themselves, their motivation and readiness to learn as well as their ability to form loving, trusting and cooperative relationships with peers and adults that extend beyond their immediate families.  Here at Mashpee Creative, we believe that every child is unique and special. It is our goal as your children’s first teachers to recognize and nurture these qualities. To meet this end, we believe each child should be allowed to take an individual and active role in the process of learning.  We believe that nurturing confidence and curiosity as well as loving and cooperative relationships with teachers and peers is just as important as guiding cognitive skills. We believe that children who are emotionally healthy and feel valued and secure are best prepared for the challenges of later schooling and beyond.


"I love this place! My boys are so happy here. All the teachers  are amazing! Thank you for all that you all do!"

     -Jenae Dalbec


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